Storya 2022 Launch Pass — NFT Collection 1st Reveal and Airdrop

Paolo Danese
3 min readJun 17, 2022
  • If you missed our intro to Storya’s Web3 Whitepaper, you can find it here.
  • We also published a piece sharing our views on the current market situation here.
  • If you are new to Storya, start from our homepage!

We are now sharing the details of a special category of NFTs from our upcoming Launch Pass 2022 NFT Collection, the Early Adopter tier.

Are you a writer and creator? Then read up what follows, we think you will want to participate!

The Early Adopter NFT is a special NFT made available only as an airdrop to verified Storya Creators who are part of our growing community (and if you are not in the community yet, join up!).

It is an NFT with one key feature: holders get a chance to become part of the StoryaVerse NFT Anthology 2022 (StoryaVerse 2022 in short) project.

StoryaVerse 2022

This will be one of the first multi-author NFT and Metaverse projects in the world.

StoryaVerse 2022 will be an anthology of short stories launched as a series of NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain and in the Metaverse. We will be collaborating with Storya creators to build an expansive collection of NFTs based on the stories they published on thet Storya app, across genres and languages.

This project is our way to promote our awesome creators, and a unique chance for them to get global exposure through a one-of-a-kind project.

Each eligible Creator will have one of their stories “minted” as an NFT within the collection, alongside its unique cover art.

Storya sees the StoryaVerse Anthology 2022 as a key step for creators to learn about and enter the world of Web3 as well as monetize their work in new ways.

Off to the Metaverse

Storya will do much more than just launch the collection. We will be taking our Collection to the cutting edge of the creator economy: the Metaverse.

That’s right, the collection will be displayed for global audiences through a custom gallery in a top Metaverse platform, where creators will be able to display their NFTs and meet their peers, NFT buyers, publishers, and any book lovers keen to take a dip into the future of publishing and the creator economy.

Upcoming $Storya Token

And it does not end with the Metaverse, Storya will give StoryaVerse Creators an initial airdrop of our upcoming $Storya token, which will be used to sell content and many other services on the Storya platform. For greater allocations of the Token, please stay tuned for news on the rest of the Launch Pass 2022 Collection.

And did we mention the Early Adopter NFTs are free? :)

Instructions to participate in the Airdrop:
1. Join our Storyaverse FB group
2. Join our Storyaverse Telegram group
3. Have at least one story published through the Storya app
4. Share your Ethereum wallet address on the Telegram group

We know many of our creators are still getting set up on Web3 with crypto wallets. If you are having trouble with that last step no panic, do reach out to us with any questions at