Singapore CryptoWeek and Storya NFT Milestone!

Paolo Danese
2 min readSep 27, 2022

It is #CryptoWeek in Singapore, and I am pretty excited to be meeting up with several interesting folks from around the world working on other web3 projects, as well as attending events like #CryptoArtWeekAsia, and connecting with Web3 investors.

Do connect with me if you are in town and would like to meet (physically or in the Metaverse!) or would like to discuss how you can support the Storya project as an investor or a partner.

A Web3 Milestone

Our Storya Web3 roadmap

I also want to take the opportunity to share that Storya has recently reached another milestone when it sold its first NFTs from our 2022 Launch Pass collection. This is our very first revenue-generating initiative and a fantastic stepping stone to the last quarter of 2022. I want to congratulate the entire Storya team and thank our first NFT Patron and NFT Creator investors for believing in us and what we are building!

While the year has been unkind to crypto (alongside tech and most other markets!), we have received so much support from the Web3 community to convince us that this space truly will offer our creators so much in terms of innovation and opportunity, both artistically and financially.

And we are talking about a rapidly growing cohort of creators, as the Storya app recently passed 2,000 users, with close to 500 creators and over 3,200 story episodes read since launch in over a dozen languages!

Our Next Steps

These coming months will be absolutely packed for us with announcements around app development, Web3 projects, and collaborations.

To start, we are working with creators on the StoryaVerse Anthology 2022, a first-of-its-kind collection of short stories by authors from every continent, a collection that will be multilingual and multimedia. This Anthology will be released across formats, including as NFTs.

In short, this is another step in our publishing revolution, a barrier-breaking initiative that is very much in line with our boundary-breaking project.

We are committed to building bridges for the best storytellers in the world at a time when all we hear about are our conflicts and divisions. Reach out if you would like to support us on our journey as an advisor, partner or investor.